With touches of pleasure

HERBALIJA invites you to the marvellous creation of massage therapies and activation of your inner strength. Feel the creation of massage therapies activating your inner strength for your wellbeing.

Do you wish to:
- LIVE in perfect WELLBEING,
- FEEL the relaxation of your PHYSICAL BODY,
- STRENGTHEN your inner PEACE,
- GIVE yourself priceless TIME FOR YOURSELF?

Treat yourself to massage therapies which will restore your wellbeing in a unique way, relieve pain, harmonize the flow of energies, and recover your will to live and to enjoy all that is beautiful. Let the massage therapies invite you to the EMBRACE of touch, flow, tuning, pure essences and life.

I deliver each massage as a mission which I enjoy immensely and for which I am extremely grateful. My therapeutic massage approach is based on harmonization of all four levels of human body which connect to the etheric body to the maximum benefit of each individual. I named these massages Embraces for individual’s highest good.

EMBRACE OF TOUCH – using various techniques of conventional massage and the power of touch I favourably affect the relaxation of muscles as well as activate and harmonize the vegetative nervous system. EMBRACE OF FLOW– is reflexology (zone) massage of feet or palms. As an energy massage it is based on knowledge that each part of the body reacts to a specific point on feet or palms, and that by applying pressure to these points the entire body can be relaxed and balanced. PURE ESSENCE EMBRACE– aromatherapy vibration massage is performed by using pure essences of aromatic plants. This puts the body in the state of total peace and harmony. The essences affect physical, mental, emotional and energy field of a person.TUNING EMBRACE– by using sound massage the left and right halves of the brain are harmonized and a person is then totally in tune with oneself. The sound vibrates with energy lines of the body, harmonizes chakras and balances them. ENERGY EMBRACE – using the Tesla metamorphosis approach, I trigger the body’s self-healing process at energy level with the support of pure ether.

As a certified masseuse I will advise you regarding the choice of massage therapy to support you, and apply all my knowledge experience to my mission of preparing an unforgettable massage experience for you.

Massage therapies are 45 – 90 minutes long. The price of 45-minute massage is EUR 40, 60-minute massage costs EUR 50 and 90 minutes amount to EUR 70. We have prepared a GIFT for you: 20% discount at the first and after every tenth massage.

Book a session by calling 041-795-635.

The greatest strength is in ourselves, we only need to know how to listen to ourselves, awaken and gratefully accept its support.