Embraced by nature...

HERBALIJA is our mission to preserve, gratefully care for and develop our more than 120 years old Hernavs homestead that is now entrusted to us: Boštjan, Barbara, Jakob and Katarina. It is also a story of the past and present that we wish to hand over to the future generations, and therefore the beginning part “HERBA” means a tie with us and our central activity – herbalism while the second part “LIJA” is devoted to the memory of the first landlady here, our great-grandmother Amalija who was not just the mistress of the farm, supporting all four corners of the house and even some of the barn, but also a very intelligent and sophisticated woman. She was also herbalist and an actual midwife – birth attendant and confidante of many a woman in Kozjansko. When she died, our grandmother and grandfather took over the care of the heart of our homestead.

HERBALIJAas it is now, began in 2008 when we decided to renovate our homestead. We revived its herbal energy in the therapeutic herb garden, rejuvenated the orchard of old varieties of Kozjansko apple-trees, and set on the path of organic cultivation. At that time we opened the Herbalija (Granary) and Sončne izbe (Sunrooms) apartments to visitors.

HERBALIJA will embrace you with its marvellous unspoilt nature, peace and privacy. The fullness of flavours, experiences and quality continues to guarantee our devotion, love, and care, and the 4-apple mark confirms the highest quality of tourism in our farm. You are warmly invited to the embrace of Herbalija.

We are happy and grateful for everything given to us.

Hernavs family